I startle to the alarm of my cell phone. 7:30, the pixels read. I wake up on one side of a double bed, the window beside me. It’s a beautiful morning, I tell myself. The sunshine is convincing. I slowly roll over to my side. The other half of the bed is empty, as always. I sigh to myself while running my hand across the sheets, where I wished she would be right now. I know she’s waiting for me down the hall just like every other morning. My heart longed to see her before I did anything else.

I get off the bed, and proceed to the living room. I look around. I find her in her usual position by the table. I give her the gleam that she expects from me every morning. A smile comes to my face as I find her looking down, shy as ever. I tell myself that I love her.

Even as I walk towards her, she doesn’t stare at me in the face. I am right in front of her, barely an inch separating our bodies. I pick her up, hold her close, and lay her on the table. With two fingers, I slowly lift her face up. No matter how many times I look into those eyes, my thirst can never be quenched. I know she’s waiting for me. She knows I’m waiting for her. She expects me to take charge in such situations, and I try not to disappoint her either. I know she wants me to get her started as soon as possible. And I don’t hesitate. Engraved into my head, I don’t need to be told how to go about this. I know her inside out. I trace a finger down her face, and slowly down to that all important spot of hers. She begins to purr, and even without hearing that, I know my actions turn her on. A glow lights up in her face, with a brightness that I can stare into forever. I tingle at the thought. I merely rest my hands against her front, lightly caressing it. She breathes harder, and I can feel her heating up as well. I love this part, where she teases me, keeping me waiting, telling me that I can’t begin yet. Seconds tick by slowly, we both look into each other’s eyes.

At last, she gives me the look that says, “I’m all yours now.” I can read it from her looks. I always have been able to. We never need to speak to each other in such moments. Her breathing almost comes to a pause, indicating that I make my move that very instant.

And almost mechanically, I login with my username and password, open a browser and check my mails.


12 thoughts on “Erotomania

  1. Ashwin

    Woah, you sure know how to turn her on ;). Excellent piece of writing! Enjoyed reading it. I know how you’re feeling, sitting all by yourself at Palakkad – missing your Southampton days, I’m sure πŸ˜›

  2. Vikram

    dude seriously… try and be a bit gentler to her next time πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰
    Nice one though….


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