* Squish *

Another one of my patches was committed into ns-3-dev today (Bug 788). This was just a small bug which I’d stumbled upon while working on fixing Bug 407, which is to add HNA support to ns-3’s OLSR implementation. This is slightly more tricky than it seems, purely attributed to the fact that RFC 3626 does not talk about storing Netmasks in the routing table. Hence, it’s upto the implementation to work around this flaw. Anyhow, I should be completing this sooner or later.

In other news, I finally laid my hands on the devil because of whom I had to cancel my GRE and TOEFL, along with my plans to apply for Fall ’10 MS courses at foreign universities, thus leaving me lost for a whole year! Yes, I’m talking about my damn passport which had to be re-issued because of some mistakes I never knew about. Oh well, I guess every dark cloud should have a silver lining.



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