* Disclaimer: Even though I’ll try to tone things down, this article might end up disgusting most of you, to the point that you might want to turn yourself inside out in the process. Any harm caused is the reader’s fault and not mine. You have been warned. *

The MNIT hostels have always had a reputation for not being really clean; reasons being bad mess food, a poor maintenance cycle, and mostly, plain old sick people.

So having lived here in these hostels for my fourth year running, you can say I’ve been inured by the ‘exposure’ gained. The most noteworthy part of these hostels involve the bathrooms themselves, the conditions of which I’d like to enlighten you all with. Every trip to one of these common bathrooms is a new experience, as the occupants of these hostels are never out of ideas to churn your guts.

In any case, I’ll be drawing out a list of things you _don’t_ want to see when you walk into one of these bathrooms. So here goes:

  1. A rat the size of a kitten running towards the latrine, and disappearing down the toilet.
  2. A snake disappearing down the toilet. No kidding.
  3. The bathroom drains being blocked (because someone thought he’d stuff his empty can of shampoo down the hole), and the entire room being flooded with water upto ankle level. Note that the water’s connected to the toilets, the bathing area, the wash basin area and the urinal section.
  4. Someone walking bare feet through the above mentioned flooded room.
  5. The toilet with a hell lot of shit left untouched. (Abides well with Murphy’s law, as it happens only when you’ve got to take a crap, and very badly that too).
  6. Same situation as above, but you notice two different sets of shit. (Guess why?)
  7. Plastic bottles lying around inside the toilets. This might be a little hard to figure out for people who’re on the cleaner side of life, so I’ll tell you. The said people use those instead of mugs (they share a bottle which they leave in the latrine itself).
  8. Now it starts getting weird: A packet of chips lying inside the toilet. Cigarette buds too.
  9. The next one usually happens the night after every exam: the wash basin clogged and filled to the brim with puke. You know. Good ol’ booze?
  10. A variant of the above involves puke all around the toilet and absolutely none inside it. Talk about horrible aim.
  11. A guy putting his hands down the toilet to get his key which fell through it. Just kidding. πŸ˜›

Anyways, call me sick for even bothering to post this. Yeah whatever.


4 thoughts on “Gross

  1. Satish Kumar

    I didn’t know you were studying in afghanistan/iraq (not meant to offend anyone). I think the conditions just make you resilient to whatever shit people throw at you ( pun intended or maybe not)


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