Another short vacation

So I’m back from Bangalore after a five day long trip. While most of it was spent at home playing with my five month old nephew, I did have some quality time hanging around as well. I got to Bangalore after a four and a half hour long flight from Jaipur, via Mumbai on Monday the 13th. Three days at home followed after which I finally decided to see daylight! I caught up with my CA friends Vasudha and Abhishek. We got lunch, did some shopping and took a trip to the office where I got a glimpse of the laptop I was supposed to get the next day. I also managed to meet Swathi, the cluster engineer who helped me with HA-Cron which finally landed me the grand prize. 🙂

We then proceeded to catch ‘The Hangover’ at Fun Cinema with Tirthankar, another cluster engineer. I kind of forgot when the last time was since I literally went LOL and ROTFL, watching a movie! Damn I just love ‘R’ rated comedies :). Dinner and a trip to CCD followed, after we which we all got back home.

The next day, Saturday, was the moment I’d been waiting for. Yes, the CFF-2008 presentation ceremony! I’ll let the pictures do the talking here. And my new laptop totally kicks ass! I just can’t have enough of it. I’ll be giving Windows Vista it’s coup de grace tomorrow and I’ll be bringing in Debian Lenny and OpenSolaris instead. Anyways, final year has begun and I’ve got a whopping five guest faculties this semester, which pretty much equates to five subjects less for me this semester. Let’s see what I can make out of whatever little time I have left here in college. Adios for now!


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