My one week long vacation

On the 5th of this month, I reached Bangalore and was all set for my rejuvenation. I saw my nephew for the first time and he was far more adorable than he seemed in the pictures of him I’d seen. Really feels nice being an uncle :). The very next day, me, Suvha, Bharadwaj and Akshay set out for a day long trip to Srirangapatnam and Mysore and it was an awesome trip all in all! I suddenly transformed into this wannabe photographer, as me and Suvha went around taking as many snaps as possible (some of them were quite creative I’d say, for my standards at least). You can go through all the pictures here and here (split across two albums). The following Saturday, me and Aditya spent a whole day aimlessly roaming around Bangalore. To give you an idea of how vetti (jobless) we were, I’ll tell you this. We were watching ‘Fast and the Furious 4’ at Inox at 10:30 in the morning :|. The movie sucked royally, and they actually managed to turn a wonderful series centered around cars and street racing into just another police-trying-to-nab-a-druglord story with just one race in the whole movie! Lunch at Cafe Masala followed (the place where we CAs were taken to during our induction training programme) where we made short work of the buffet over a span of 2.5 hours :P. I won’t tell you about the rest of the day, since I really don’t want to give my readers a mega dose of virtual sleeping pills because that’s how boring it was. On the 11th, I went to the Sun office to get some of my work wrapped up. It was fun working at the office; I also got to meet a lot of my fellow CAs who were doing their summer internships at the IEC itself. After lunch, I worked on HA-Cron to fix the stale value(s) bug that it had during node shutdowns along with Swathi Devulapalli, one of the cluster engineers. Although we didn’t manage to fix the problem, she helped me gain a whole new insight into agent development itself. (NOTE: I fixed it three days later after I got back to Jaipur, and HA-Cron works like a charm now, it’s also out there contending for the CFF prize 🙂 ). My flight back to Jaipur was on the 13th, and a book (Digital Fortress) kept me company all throughout. If you’re reading this and you’re saying, “DUDE! YOU STILL HAVEN’T READ IT?”, then yes, I am ashamed. I left my reading habit around seven years ago. Anyways, it’s back to Electronic Design Automation for me. Adios!


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