Atheist bus? What’s wrong with you people?

An atheist campaign?

Absolutely despicable. What else can I say? Even though I’m an atheist and I do agree that religion is doing as much harm as good, I’m totally against the idea of atheists trying to propagate their thoughts by putting up banners everywhere. If you’re going to express your atheism in an in-your-face manner, you have no moral right to blame missionaries from the Church (or whatever) for what they’re doing (this statement has been made with reference to a comment on one such ‘Atheist bus’ blog). Talk about hypocrisy! I pride in being an atheist and I like keeping quiet about it. I only react when I’m provoked or when someone tries to stuff their beliefs down my throat. Come to me and tell me something like, “Hey, I wonder how you survive without any faith… Don’t you ever feel like visiting a temple?… How do you appear for an exam without asking for God’s support?… etc”, and I will definitely give you an overdose of what I think and a few more things (a kick in the nuts perhaps) as a token of my appreciation. I don’t know what this is about people trying to tell the entire world about their faith in God (or lack thereof). Can’t we all keep quiet about this? Isn’t it inevitable that no one’s ever going to agree on religion, especially in a country like India where everything seems to revolve around it.

Religion is something that you can’t prove right or wrong, but that which you choose to believe is right. If you know you’re right, why the heck do you care about those around you? Just get on with your own lives…


6 thoughts on “Atheist bus? What’s wrong with you people?

  1. Ashwin Narayan

    >>’Hey, I wonder how you survive without any faith… Don’t you ever feel like visiting a temple?… How do you appear for an exam without asking for God’s support?… etc’
    Who the hell was dumb enough to ask you that question?

  2. scatheist

    I disagree with your sentiment completely. I live in a place where Christianity is shoved down my throat. I feel ostracized and pressured to keep quite. I love the fact that atheists in Europe are doing this. It gets people talking and let’s “closet” atheists know that they are not alone.

  3. Jernau Morat

    I think this couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, and while I agree with you, and very rarely try and force my views on people, I have to say that in the vast majority of cases theism is borne of ignorance. And the odd thought provoking bus campaign is hardly invasive. I would much prefer to look for example at a poster advocating islam every day, than an advertisement for coke zero. Anything that gets people thinking is a good thing.

  4. Duke

    I have to also disagree. In places like the U.S. atheists are viewed as the slime of the earth, inferior people, much like Jews are seen in the Muslim world, or how black people were seen in 1950’s USA.
    Reaching out to people via a sign on a bus is not shoving anything in your face. No one is knocking on your door on Saturday morning, and it’s not telling you that if you don’t heed the message you will suffer eternally. It’s about putting atheism on the map as a legitimate option for people who are on the fence about their beliefs, or have never really stopped to consider what it is they believe in.

    That said, I also don’t mention my atheism, unless prompted or provoked by a theist who is trying to convert me. But I am proud that my fellow atheists are doing all they can to send the message out that we’re not 2nd class citizens.



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